Sabra Purtill

Sabra Purtill, Director

Sabra Purtill has served as a director of Corebridge Financial since January 2023 and is Chief Financial Officer of AIG. She joined AIG in 2019 as Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and then served as AIG’s Chief Risk Officer from 2021-2022. From April 2022 Ms. Purtill served as Chief Investment Officer of Corebridge Financial before returning to AIG in January 2023. Prior to AIG, Ms. Purtill was with The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., where she served as Senior Vice President, Investor Relations & Treasurer. Previously, Ms. Purtill was Managing Director, Investor Relations & Communications, at Assured Guaranty Ltd. from 2004 to 2011, and prior to that, was a Corporate Finance Officer at ACE Limited, now known as Chubb Limited.